Quality education is more neccessary in todays environment. We are surrounded by technologies. Eklavya Global School has smart classes that are equipped with computer, instructor and audio-visual equipments. This allows the teacher to teach using a wide range of media. It also includes smart white board, Discs, Power Point Presentations and more. All such media are displayed through projectors. Such things makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students while improving their overall academic performance in school.

Eklavya Global School has a knowledge center that is created inside the school equipped with the entire library and smart class digital content. The knowledge center is connected to smart classes with intranet. The curriculum reach unfolds from kindergarten to twelve grade covering subjects like mathematics, science, english, chemistry, physics, geography and others.

At Eklvaya Global School our teachers creates their own smart tests and use them in the classes for assessment. Students who are in smart classes are equipped with a hand held remote answering device that now forms a part of their pencil box.