Eklavya Global school is a community where everyone learns together, where each person has individual rights and responsibilities. We are committed to providing a safe and orderly educational environment, supplying each child an opportunity to grow academically, increase self-esteem, physical and mental health, and to develop an appreciation for the fine arts. Children will also gain an awareness of other cultures and basic moral values in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our school follows and adheres to the CBSE Standards. Our school includes policies to enable students to learn in an atmosphere of trust and respect. These policies and procedures help to develop, within the individual, a sense of good judgment consistent with a desirable system of values.Top CBSE School Junagadh. | Eklavya Global School

The school is devoted in creating Global Leaders and True Achievers who will certainly have high traditional values but a global point of view, who excels not only in academics but does wonders in co-curricular activities, who are physically fit and emotionally unwavering, who are confident, disciplined and independent. The school is determined to produce such global citizens.

Eklavya Global School is designed to be a true center of learning, a place where students enjoy the thrill of learning new things each day. Here learning is not a burden, intrusion, a theft of freedom – but an excitement and the solution to a greater freedom than they have ever known.