Roller-skating uses nearly every muscle group, strengthens the core, increases cardiovascular health, and burns hundreds of calories per hour. Not only that, but skating is much lower impact than running or competitive sports, protecting kids’ joints as they burn off excess energy and rev their bodies’ internal engines.

Physical fitness isn’t just a body boost, it improves cognitive function, too. Studies show that taking a mental break and getting active gives kids better focus, increased school performance, and higher confidence. Roller-skating increases oxygen to the brain and boosts endorphins, improving both mood and energy in kids who regularly skate. Exercise improves understanding, declutters the mind, and allows kids to learn more information more quickly. American schools are decreasing their focus on physical education, leaving it up to parents, kids, and the community to keep students active and alert.

Skating is preferably learnt at a caring age and hence it is introduced from the lower classes in our school. The children get a wide range of recreational skating activities, competitive and performance opportunities under the training by our capable trainers. It is also one of the most efficient way of exercising which burns more calories as compared to walking.