An ideal school should have an ideal infrastructure; a good and well built infrastructure, in fact, is the backbone of any institution. Eklavya Global School building has been ideally constructed to meet the latest principles of educational designs that include

  • Huge Playground
  • Airy, Well ventilated Classrooms
  • Areas for general sports and games
  • E-Classes
  • Language Lab
  • Maths Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Kids Jungle Gym
  • Kids garden

A class room is “a home away from home for students and teachers”. Eklavya Global understands this and has set up classrooms attractive and functional considering Grade/age level appropriateness.

Physical aspects such as room management, seating, bulletin boards, black and white boards and digital boards with all time internet access have all been given utmost importance in Eklavya Global School.

Classrooms are kept spacious and well ventilated and aesthetically designed to cater the needs of learners.